Wow! So Alive!

Wow! So Alive!: The only personal growth comedy show in the red flag fire warning area that'll make you feel Wow! So Alive! Brought to you by Talia Brava & Wet The Hippo.


Wow! So Alive: Healed AF. Talia Brava is Healed AF.... and you can too. Jan. 8th 8pm @ Lyric-Hyperion. Tickets here! 


Wow! So Alive! Think GOOD. Discover the SECRET to attracting love sex cash insurance money government bailouts unplanned pregnancy ball players personal injury attorneys crypto currency at this LAW OF ATTRACTION experience. 


Wow! So Alive!: Women Lead Now! The world is boob shaped for a reason. A night of sacred feminine uprising, vagina portraits, pant suit power walks, strategic-dating and more! Real men welcome as we unleash the femmepower within!!!! 


The Richards Simmons Comeback Party: Celebrating the life's work of Richard Simmons! Comedy show meets workout & party. Created by Claire Woolner & Lucia Brizzi.