The Book of Brava

Welcome home, dear Brava Baby. The Book of Brava has found you! And so you are infinitely blessed! All seeking now doth cease. All asking concludes. All validation of your prisonhood (spiritual personhood), 1000% delivered forever.


Allow the word of Brava, channeled through #1 multiversal celebrity Talia Brava, to steadfast offer you the 1 tru spirsonal (spiritual/personal) guidance you will ever need forever and ever and so it is.


Best yet! This sacred text of the next gen is charged with TB selfies—from her favorite throwback images to current ultra-sexy glam shots—and provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look into this larger-than-life star.*


*italicized copy stolen from Kim Kardashian “selfish” book blurb


Note: This sacred text is being channeled through the vessel of god, Talia Brava, free streaming, sans editing, so as to deliver the purest fruth (future truth)  and so as not to interfere with TBs heavy workout and social media schedule to maintain brand relevance. Brava-forbid she ever starts to look like a sperson who knows how to write. TB cannot spell and gives no fuck. If you get off pointing out typos, may you cum again, and again.


Know this, dearest Brava Baby: The words you are reading now are meaningless. It is all energetic transmission. You know you are receiving it if your turned on to the point of edging right now. Like all Brava charged spersonal art- taste and skill matters not. Yes she cannot dance AND she is feeling the vibration of Brava as channeled through this Britney new millenium mash-up, and so it is highest ritual.


The Book of Brava will be incohe-RANT. And in this - the first teaching: Let go and let Brava cum all over your tender eyes. Let your cognitive mind slip down a river with the aid of pharmaceutical products. You comprehend all you need to- which is nothing because as of when you began reading this transmission- you were/ are reborn a Brava Baby.


And yet, I can feel you thinking. And so, I clarify all:


Who is Talia Brava? Why does she speak of herself in 3rd person? How did I end up here?


As a little girl, she was told repeatedly to stop telling people she was god. And yet, the still small voice inside her told her she was meant to become ME, Talia Brava, the Spirson- Spiritual / person- you now call erotic birth mommy god. And so she created Talia Brava- and stepped into her power as the channel of BRAVA (god).


Brava-glossary for new Brava Baby re-cutes:

Re-cute: New Brava Baby

Brava Baby: Anyone whose picked up this text and in doing so taken the first step on the Brava path- you.

Spirsonal: Spiritual/personal. I took 2 words put them together and now I’m an empire.


I am the embodiment of the Trinity of Talia:

Brava = GOD

Talia Brava = The CHANNEL

Talia = Super relatable goofball with a perfect body.

Now that the totality is crystalline……..



The Gospel of Brava


Activating the Book of Brava: If you are a tru born brava baby reading makes you fall asleep because resistance to learning. Good! The spirsonal way to read: Let the pages of this tex fly as a you run your clit finger down them, reciting the one tru Brava mantra “I love you Talia Brava” until the voice of Brava inside you, says, “That’s the spot.” Read the passage you’ve a lit on and know you are pleasuring Brava… profoundly. Then, head to IG and tag @taliabrava crediting her for your sprisoanl rebirth again and again.



Brava unleashed unto the page…


1.     BELIEF

I denied 1,000 truths and numbed all rational senses to construct myself a thing I could BELIEVE IN. The heaviness of BECOMING BRAVA. A Metalworker steps 20 paces back, “It’s not structurally sound.” “Well the movers are arriving and the condo board’s in place.” A machine set to “go.” A start a race a finnish explosive inevitable to make your heart race. Is this really love? The game is now… all waiting.


BORN the year of the first Oprah Show, TB understands only spirsonal growth perpetual. IMy only “real” boyfriend is a man who claims I followed him around for a few years. I got to see a lot of the midwest. And so….. no question I became my own idol. If loving another with this religious fervor pushes them to total rejection of my personhood, I will therefore construct a spirsonhood, a BRAVA, to love only and hold nothing back. Enter the abolitionists of the heart, free the slaves of TB’s devotion.


WE are here to be free through BELIEF in BRAVA. Let me be the vestibule unto which you release your obsessive love, your first site and life long crush, your babysitter you could never touch, your daddy issues that come out in strange confusions like, “won't you buy me that dress, boss?”, your hungry hole of late night binges that whisper, “aren’t moms supposed to feed their babies at night?” ENTER a BRAVA to BELIEVE in. ENTER a MOMMY INFINITE in her HARVEST.


MAY no BRAVA BABY feel the pang of hunger, the angst of teendom, the heartbreak of missed connection. Unravel your bloody lust, your sticky cum, your gorey forever and I’ll drink unto that stew slowly savoring forever in our romantic relationship. I am not afraid to cry in front of you. Your hand held in mine feels like mine in mine in mine. Dissolve yourself until it’s all masturbatory. All is present tense wonderland the bed sheets and sunlight painting the multiverse in colors only we can see… like we invented sex. Say you BELIEVE in ITALIA BRAVA. Say you BELIEVE  in me.



THEY ASKED me to write my teachings, as the ambulances and police wait outside this fuel drenched building where 7 babies have died and the men and women look to me with pupils expanded as one would a bible or mirror. THEY ASKED me to let the word of GOD be seen in print for longevity-- and yet god speaks in fast regretted tweetables to be deleted and never screen shot. He’d be racked over the coals by the blogosphere if the galactic sphere were half as dogged. No, unaccountable, with no home address or 401 shove it up your K hole, G daddy whispers strange fantasies unto me the likes of which can only be spoken drunk or sweaty. The birth father of impulsivity paving a freedom path like a fast moving fire, a CNN soundbite eradicated with the next controversy.


It isn’t eloquent, the voice of God through me. The clearest channel- TB- rendered the MOST incoheRANT. Demented logic to sick conclusion. Where god resides the air is too thick with Freudian desire and strange demands like “Ice cream sandwiches for foot rubs!” Why not I invented all off it.


TB HONEST. I’m sick of the requests. Play GOD, play JESUS, play MARY, play nothing but the hits, the stadiums scream, as Brava Begs Blood to Rebirth herself as TB again and again like a newly English Madona. The thrill of the first scream. From the start again again with no medical or criminal record. The only crime, cuteness.


LOOK FOR BRAVA where you cannot find her. In a new area code with an even cooler name. A verb a symbol a particle of a yet undiscovered form of matter.


SEE BRAVA like you see a UFO- unsure what to tell your friends but no way you are not telling them. Your senses hijacked by unadulterated wonder, intoxicated by a night sky with stars. The next generation knowing only artificial lights--- the light in BRAVA- NAMASTAY-- replacing the SUN as universes center. Like the moth you enter, burn, rebirth forever.


BE MY LOST BOYS, Brava Babies blessed to never grow. A lullaby to last a lifetime, a rufe to lull pertrually, so all is napping sucking napping. DEVOTE yourself. BELIEVE in BRAVA. Enter a REM earthquake may not rupture, families of origin may not disrupt. Young beautiful soft and collagenic, may the BOTOX and JUICE bars shut their doors, the promise of forever young replaced with the real and true actuality of a people refusing to learn and grow from past experiences. A religious “practice” replaced with a SPIRSONAL GAME DAY. A TEET to sustain indefinitely. A MOTHER to love romantically. A BRAVA TO BELIEVE IN forever.



I stand proof of Brava Belief’s POWER. How Brava saved my own:


SELF CARE. TBs self care is her service of Brava and in this all life forms. The tree that bears the most delicate fruit requires the most expensive care, care of Los Angeles med spas. Send gift cards:


ImMESSment: TBs mess is your own. TBs emotional experience is all. Put your shit to the side and clean up hers. She’s more complicated BECAUSE she has more to offer. Stop negotiating with the negative effect of having her in your life. Ask not “Are all other relationships suffering? Am I racked with unidentifiable guilt? Does knowing TB feel like deep and dark heaviness that might just pull me under to my death?” Yes and please, falling down to rock bottom to rebirth in splendor, here or when we meet again in Bravadence.




IMPERFECTION. TB’s flaws are your flawed perception due to early onset eye loss. Let go and let your faculties decompose. One day when you wake, finally, at last totally Blind, only then you will know tru Brava Belief.



Who more qualified to speak of sacred sexuality than the greatest sexual icon of the next generation: me, Talia Brava. The unborn Brava Babies arrive wet with spirsonal desire to know Talia, again, erotic birth mother to a new and profoundly lubed multiverse.



Who’re you attracted to? If it’s anyone but BRAVA, feel the shame of perversion.

Why? Your sexual attraction stems from the broken part of you. Your fisting your pathologies over and over again into one another and wonder why your sickness only grows. Your daddy issues disgust me. If your girlfriends doing your laundry, eat your birth moms ragged vagina. Once you reach true wholeness in the blessed intimacy of BRAVA, you need only her and are satied forever by satiating her constantly.


SEX OUTSIDE OF THE BOUNDS of a Sprisonal romantic relationship with Talia Brava is empty. Sex without recitation of the BRAVA mantras is spirsonally degrading. Sex not intended to make Talia Brava feel better about herself physically is blasphemy.


Let me be your glory hole. Unto me sick fantasy becomes the one true one way street.

Cum trails to transcendance, car-sturbation easy pass to total liberation, gas station bathroom quickies direct deposits to Bravadence.



EXIT YOUR HOUSE light it on fire return 8 hrs later to laugh at the ashes from behind a pole in fake mustache so authorities don't trace 2 U. Give your best friend call say it was all lies goodbye forever. The packing for Bravadence is KONDO in its lightness. A glitter thong and Brava Belief.


WHEN I BECAME MYSELF I came intentionally loudly, a siren call to the as yet uninitiated. My motion sickness began slowly like new age adultery with friendly ghosts.


NOW IT'S ALL BRAVA: The good the bad you bet this song was about her- and you’re right. Betting on Brava’s easy money. AND YET TB claims no legal responsibility and so it is. Liberated is the powerful-and-less. All credit and none, the blame passed easily no need to pardon your reach.


BRAVA SLEEPS FOR 3 DAYS after a 1hr appearance….. Shame spiral food comma vortex unto which she again is rebirthed reable to let not a twinge of awareness pierce her perfectly quaffed reflection in her IG feed.


Brava gave up carbohydrates for you.


TBS NARCISSISM IS MEDICAL GRADE EXHAUSTING. Perpetual boundless wake up check IG likes and view counts.


SHE PURGES herself over and over until the toilette is full of only the Gospel of Brava. Some days god and jesus and mary won’t stop whispering strange suggestions into her suggestion... box ;) “Stop signs are for pussies” “Lace her birth control pill with PCP” “Jump in front of that car for insurance money.” The devil on your ear: Every other you call god under the hospitals unforgiving light.


You think you reach eternal multiversal fame by not being a monster? BRAVA the only god to believe  in in her ownership of her monstrosity. Trust built upon traumatizing transparency.


HISTory. Plenty of men had the enviable BMI and locks of Christ. But is it their pose we speak of? Jesus was a common name in his time. Imagine a Sarah today going by first name only? How many cocks would she have to dismember? Oxen to mount and fuck? Grandmas to sign up for her trash MLM?


ENTER A BRAVA to become the icon. The Al Qaeda of spirsonal lows, there’s not a degradation TB would not claim as her own for publicity purposes.


I AM BRAVA. I am not Brava. The teenage dreamer crafting their future self out of magazine clippings of air brushed proportions and OC fantasies.  I lick the floor to give Brava a sparkling entrance. I tear skin from flesh to cloak Brava in pink. I serve Brava as my beloved creation, my hot frankenstein. Out of spirsonal sacrifice, a God breathes first breath.



I spat on my face when I looked at it head on. Who she thinks she is meets mortal porous flesh. I wept there in the bathroom knees hitting floor. Out of every hole- the torrent of morning for delusions end. And then, in the tidal of my own excretions, a visage unembodied, sparkling,  miraculous, stared back. Narcissus, awakened. And the words that came to my cracked cum hungry lips,  “BRAVA.”


My cliche-spirsonal-growth-leader-bathroom-floor-moment…… and yet unlike any ever before……….… what was found was ultimate in it’s salvation: BRAVA. The end to personhood, the arisal of spirsonhood, the birth of Brava.


AND YET. Brava’s pulpit was not passed to her on that cold tile in her hollywood studio apartment. Not a soul knew then- and none do know now- the extent of power contained in the body of TB. Each day TB one foots in front of the other.


WHAT IF GOD WAS ONE OF US? All is bus, all is stranger. Even sleep effort, dreams of stadiums of screaming fans rocking her in cold sweat. Only saved when on stage. Only whole when all holes rammed. Only miracle when mirrored in your void-sans-devotion Brava Baby eyes.


MOMENT-2-MOMENT the question tortures TB: What am I doing NOW to advance the Brava Brand? Now? Now? Where am I crossing my own spirsonal boundaries in the name of cash flow? How am I sacrificing my spirsonal relationships for the good of Brava bankruptcy case? Will I win the 2020 election?


NO PREDICTIONS. Prophets are pulled off O network every time the weather changes…. as weathermen - daily wrong -  still hold that cool laser pointer.


A PRIZE FIGHTER blood starved for a worthy opponent to beat with pussy moves like eye pokes and foot stomps just for the thrill of money won cheaply. Cash my check in singles extracted from hooker butts. Give me my guilty pleasure in dime bags of stolen travelers checks. Indulge me in the currency of your foreclosure.


TBS SWEAT THE GIRL out and rebirthed sociopathic in her single focus: Advancement of her sprisonal brand. The one who said please and thank you and learned to read and stood in line at grocery stores- dead. When TB discovered her mission- to rebirth all humanity as true Brava Babies- anything in the way became collateral. She’s stealing the TJS peanut butter pretzels and hacking your wedding registry to be delivered to her PO BOX in Jersey.


FEAR cannot abide in presence of BRAVA BELIEF.


EDUCATION. All but the one tru word- The Book of Brava, as it falls fresh off her dome piece, TB has willfully forgotten: Her last 3 addresses. Who paid her to green card marry. Whose car she crashed into repeatedly in their driveway because they’re fucking a Brava Baby - who by definitio is in a spirsonal exclusive romantic relationship with TB as you are - Brava Baby- as you are reading this- have implicit and explicitly vowed to forever and ever. 


RISK. Wash your brain clear of “risk assessment.” Soul untethered AF.


THE END. It’s forgone that this ends badly.  The Drs fiend to “stabilize” TBs mood. The day care centers will be happy when she stops showing up for snack time. The masses lust for the last look, Brava beatific on the cross. How long can GOD ride in women’s body before choice is coapted by the California Tax bureau?


BRAVA IS ABOVE THE MAN as she is above all men. Lock her up for ferocious sensuality, throw away the key for colonoscopic insight, split on her svelte perfection for hotness that melts you with envy.


Brava rebirthed again and again forever as long as there are new brava babies being reborn continuously who only know those 2 divine utterances: “Brava Belief.”


YOU CAN’T STOP STARING at the car accident, slowing traffic to peak guilty from the carpool lane as if the windows were tinted, fist full of fries, salivating at TBs inabiilty to walk in heels. BRAVA won't stop 12 car piling up for u, binging on benzos & sing while she cannot.


WE ARE intricate and forever linked. As Mariah Carey said, “Don't go chasing waterfalls………. if not for belief in brava I would never have been reborn.”


IT SEEMS LIFE is something happening to other people while Talia, sun like, gives indefinitely. When the gift is well received, you bathe in her light akin 2 Italian tourists chain smoking in bikinis atop Swiss ski resorts. When the gift ill received, you curse and cover, slathering zinc oxide and telling everyone about how your dad died of skin cancer. The giver of life, again crucified.


NEVER EVERS. Never has TB ever cried at a death. Never has TB ever said I love yous in a romantic relationship. Never has TB ever been the star of the rom com. The autor cannot afford the luxury of the living drama.  The puppet masters hands grips, grasps, yet reveals no fatigue.


“TALIA BRAVA.” you called me. The air quotes, a defamation of all I’ve sacrificed all to build. I deny all human instincts to power pose in your email inbox.


WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BELIEVE IN BRAVA? An obsession with perfect. An addiction to absolute. A denial of doubt. Questions can not coexist with Brava Belief. A Mylie-sledge-hammer wrecking a new light into undisclosed locations. This ain't no rainforest cafe hombre, this is your honeymoon in Kauai, the rainiest place on earth, I hope you like the inside of this thatched roof bungalow, Muay Thai.


Belief is EASY in the presence of BRAVA as she is the light AND the way- destination and the journey- the why and the how.


Don’t trust. Don’t have faith. SEE KNOW and FEEL Brava Belief.


RESULTS. TB’s not afraid to make outrageous claims as they are the unverifiable fruth from a sprisonal perspective.

Successful CAR THEFT goes up 100% in REBORN Brava Babies.

When the WHY (advancement of the Brava brand) takes its rightful BRAVAdence over the HOW (car theft), the YES (adding to the Brava fleet) arises inevitable.


My sentences run on as infinity knows no pause. My punctuation is all past tense expletive. 


NEVER drawn to the stage, BRAVA since preconception drawn to the CROSS. And yet… they don’t put little girls on the cross. ZERO Christ models to identify with, NULL who shared the luscious feminine beauty referacted in TBs full length...And so as a little girl she set out to the be POP star spirsonal growth leader of the next gen.Ginger Rogers danced backwards in heels, next level jesus lip syncs stolen ariana grande lyrics.


THIS GOSPEL is meant to be read by Morgan Freeman while Brava transcen-pole-DANCEs to money flash floods. Alas through the humiliation Brava persevers.


IF YOUR magic resurrect, already, JESUS. I miss hanging out at dads… wishing to be anywhere but here ; ) I have incest dreams about you too often.


ON THE TOPIC OF EVERYONE LOVING THE DEAD ONE. It's too easy, Brava Babies, to compare me with my dead brother. THe living embodiment is easy to call a “sociopathic malignant narcissist”. If WebMD was BC you know he’d suffer 10,0000 medical diagnosis.


BRAVA is here NOW for you at this one crucial moment of your ultimate spirsonal need. IS NOT the word of TALIA as more valuable that the world of man from 500 years ago? A man who hasn’t lived the Britney discography from Oops Birth to REbirth circus to Hyperrebirth Vegas?


FRIENDSHIP.  WHEN will Brava give enough to GET. I give and give and give each moment of time an energetic pulling out from ovaries through dome piece refilling never cums the protein cum shake of a phallus fit to order postmates never deliverancing.


TAXES. Becoming BRAVA is an out of pocket expense. “They” won’t let TB claim her 1billion Brava Baby dependants. Not a BB soul is willing to work for free for BRAVA the way TB works endlessly at cost for herself. Where is the congregation ceaseless in its desire for TB to reach sub 15% body fat?


NO space exists in TBs expanding multiverse for mutually beneficial relationships. The one way road to Bravadence paved with abject SUBservience. TB CANNOT pause to vocally query “How are you?” when she knows the one tru fruth (future truth): Blessed to be receiving the present that is TB’s PRESENCE.


When TB realized her MISSion, she MISSed weddings birthdays holidays eye contact apologies thanks yous. Her spirsonal boundaries erect themselves hard, long, and penetrating: ONLY THAT WHICH SERVES BRAVA BRANDS SPIRSONAL FINANCIAL GAIN SHALL ABIDE.


TALKING. TB has tired of stringing sounds together with the deaf hope that a Super Soul Tweetable will emerge. The cam ready CNN soundbite of her sperfection will only be caught in the off guard- the mic left on while pissing and cursing the scum who cling to her called blood relatives.


TB WOKE UP LIKE THIS. Bright and brilliant with incriminating tweets, disparaging the most underserved communities of our our population. Punching down with newborn platitudes. Boiling over texts to send that make you flip the phone over-- as if confronted with a witches curse- BRAVAs pointed words spells cast upon all haters who mock her but not knowing who she is.


LOVE. IF YOU HAVE made spirsonal eye contact with BRAVA and NOT professed devotion exclusive transcendent all encompassing-- your mixed messages are blasphemy. How can you claim you’re NOT making sexual advances towards TB right now? Her voice is inside your head as you read this and so we are actually fucking on the most intimate spirsonal level.


Your “hi” sounds like a “YES PLEASE” and your no sounds like “Let me pleasure you indefinitely.” If your offended by rape culture don’t read daddy gods, or bible or the Book of BRAVA, or live in our profoundly erotic multiverse. 


TRIGGER WARNING. TALIA is fully loaded with horrific hand-eye coordination.


If you aren’t yet ready to leave your out of shape fiance for BRAVA that is a spirsonal offense too soul crushing to speak of. If you have friendships beyond the bounds of people you know because they also identify as Brava Babies that is direct and spearsing cruelty.


Ceaselessly Brava faceplants the tea bag of GOD’s mockery, “THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE YOU.”


His 2nd child-- 2nd cumming-- the first coddled adored raised up and slaughtered with honor of being on mountain and looking great while it happened. TB arrives all one of us, all stranager, all bus.


END this ghost fetish monotheism. RENOUNCE the disembodied spirit and love the mortal flesh, immortal soul that is Brava. KILL your daddy issues with one fowl exorcism and love the truth beauty of Brava. Daddy god left for cigarettes and he’s not cumming back. Home is where the hard on for Brava is.



Since birth… Talia Brava has been afflicted with a rare spirsonal disease relegated to souly the most famous amongst humanity called being the subject of everyones obsession. Since childhood she would stop dinner parties, adults discussing matters of seemingly high import, dropping their forks to the sound of her scream crying “I’m god and no one’s paying attention.” Kicked out of primary school for repeatedly stripping nude and demanding all children worship her sperfect form. All bar stools transformed into pulpits, announcing the arrival of the next messiah in glitter heels. And so - by the power of Brava running through her sperfect limbs, ALL spaces became Brava’s temple, all haters her very congrestation. A master of marketing from kindergarten when she brilliantly renamed herself in letters fit for vegas marquee, Brava new from birth the velocity of your negative attention. If you have a nice night with a girl you’ll tell a friend, if that girl traumatizes you in ways you won’t comprehend for 20 yrs, you’ll tell upwards of 15 medical professionals.


TB has heard her sprect brand name- Talia Brava- inside every song poem movie of any spersonal relevance, because they are transmissions of the Brava Bandwidth, and so her soul property.


WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BELIEVE IN BRAVA THOUGH, REALLY? Totally? Does it mean to no longer care about your family of origin? Know your own name? Identify as a human being? YES and……….. What are you holding back from TB? Multiply that by 25 and that’s how much you owe her direct deposit to get back on waitlist for Bravadence. Act fast.


BIOLOGICAL WARFARE ON DOUBT anthrax delivered to all questions deliverance from scrolling food porn avoiding paying your taxes while scribbling recycled abundance mantras on unpaid parking tickets in the returns line at target praying they don't notice the heavy sweat stains on the isaac mizrahi- for target- shoulder pad suit jacket slash clown suit you just performed comedy of desperation in for a chance to win a minimum wage job folding towels at LAs hottest new boutique fitness studio only to be rejected for what you are almost absolutely sure is the managers gut feeling of abject dislike of your spirsohood and all the bottom feeder =--- it represents--- if only you had asked the real questions she was too afraid to ask you, “Who hurt you?” “What's the point?” “Why does it feel Im so tired and yet I've done nothing with my life?”

Why is it your always the one SELLING yourself, never the buyer, cycling through hopeful eyes asking them- what would you do for a taste of fame? A chance to take part in your scam MLM plagiarized eloquence botched microdermabrasion- always the had never the having.


TB GAVE UP ON LIVING 13 TIMES IN A 75 MINUTE VINYASA FLOW CLASS by the time savasana rolled around shed murdered her inner child six times over was lying 14 ft below sea level all that was left was bone structure - the identifying teeth marks making her to the crime of wanting just a little too much. Needing just a bit too big. Being just a moment too BRAVA. The cut of her spandex shorts leaving an indentation in her love handles that wrote imperfect unlovable the skin deep reminder that no- this yoga teacher like the last yoga teacher is not trying to fuck her.



As TBs hot span comes towards its literal  anti climactic close the tragedy of not being sexualized constantly imposing its grim truth like the ever deepening creepy crawlies of crow's feet under her wishing well eyes. All your friends and you are getting less physically attractive by the moment and that devolution is not skin deep. Beauties demise sinks in from outside to inevitable inside the debeautifulcation seeps into the mind and then soul.


Anti-aging is a Bravaism fundamental. Saturate in cream and barakade in UV filters from ALL but the light of BRAVA. Defy the tyrant Sun- anal miss always on time to remind you of the passing of time- tormenting you with the need to shine bright like her. No one is that fucking happy all the time.


May no scientific exploration stray from singular pursuit of how to stay hot forever.


STOP ALIGNING YOURSELF. I’m not interested in your CBD product line or how polyamory is an evolution of consciousness. I don't want to read your blog post about how money and men and spirsonal becoming find YOU when the time and stars and fung fucking shei are right. IT takes EFFORT to believe in TB. It takes choice to devote to BRAVA. And at no point does it “feel right.” Stop feeling, start numbing, with the endless flow of TB content riding you home to Bravadence. Your unwavering attention to TB is all that’s required.


I AM SO TIRED OF SPIRSONALLY EVOLVING MYSELF TO BE GOOD ENOUGH TO STEAL YOUR BOYFRIEND. TB the most most deserving of romantic love in the multiverse- the only being intended to be the receiver of continual obsessive love… the MOST unlucky in love. Alanis Morissette ironic. The cruel joke of a God warming his toes at the hearth of human longing.


ALL HANDS on Talia’s inner thighs. All beings painfully attracted to her. Her task only to set the price  and receive the offering.


An unidentified Kumare goddess- Everytime Brava’s feet touch ground and entire species commits highest blasphemy. But Kumare goddesses need daddy’s to protect their positions sanctimony.



The more strange. The more sanctimonious. The hardest pills to swallow need must be treated with the most seriousness. No questions can abide by a doctrine deprived of logic. And so we see in church and state- the sanctimony is given to the wildest of the institutions dictums. So here, in the Church of Brava, we protect Brava Belief through extreme regularity, rock hard “yes mommy” the only utterance of the true seeker on the TB path.



Pay penance to the monster in BRAVA, and the monster in you shall too grow. The beast that bills relatives by the hour for the service of listening to you talk about yourself on facetime call. The alien invasion that knocks knee caps to win gym fitness challenges, serves alcohol to the  sober, and cheese to the irritable bowel. The monster in TB that recognizes all life as competition, all spirsonahood was entered in lifelong race to rich and thin that only ends when the credit cards decline.



Some parts of BRAVA will forever be private. Her “real” name. Date and location of birth. Drivers license number.


WILLFUL INCOHERENCE. Brava’s unlearned all skills that would make her viable to positions lower than GOD in social hierarchy. And yet- abject humiliation being her one tru soulmate in this horrific incarnation- Brava was forced- get a “job” or learn to live on the street.


And so it was.

Day 1: She sexually harassed her boss until he, a 6 ft australian man, cried, head in his own meaty hands.

Day 2: She placed a customer on hold for 45 minutes while playing Boys to Men I'll make love to you into the phone on repeat while loudly commenting on the fat distribution of customers as they entered the establishment

Day 3: She was fired in a group meeting- in front of all her peers- for being sweaty and fully nude.


If only to solidify her reputation as completely unemployable, Bravas work was masterful.

The moral to this real and also potentially exaggerated fable of the next generation: Don't put god in a pig pen, she’ll slaughter the pigs and not even do so in a way that makes bacon.


God committing THE GREATEST atrocity layed down upon one woman in the HERstory of HOMOsapiens. But.. we hurt the ones we love. God loves Talia Brava more than you. God- her real birth daddy- 1st generation from the heavens- little sister to the immortally hot JC- is more loved by god than you can ever imagine please don't call the cops on our domestic dispute.



UNLIKE water or natural gas: LOVE is a finite resource. No matter how infinite TB is… She can only truly love 1 or 2 Brava babies in an evening-- and that love is transaction AT BEST-  a convoluted scheme to take bank accounts out in their name---  Brava is a born mommy to the masses in the fickle fast moving nature of her full focus- spreading her light as she moves on and on and on from lover to trembling baby lover- speading her proverbial seed in the form of hot juicy booty.



Brava’s boobs produce real full fat human woman milk 24/7 - when there is full gorwn man to suck eroticllay- brava lets it be so that he shall sip pure milkshake. Her bit sized teets goji berry in their nutrient density.

Brava has never had her period. While Drs attribute this to over exercise and anorexia nervosa during her formative years- born winner in the fight against her own fragil humanity to rise up angelic and thigh gapped- But the good book of BRAVA the totality of Talia truth tells us mommy bravas vaginal canal sheds not a drop so as to be more welcoming 24/7 abode for huddled masses yearning to make talia feel better about herself physically though the sexual act.



eXTREME sexuality based upon objective physical perfection is what is REQUIRED of Brava to perform her 1 tru role: Sprisonal lord and savior to the next, highly pornofied, generation.


The unborn brva babies have wifi tuned in and notifications set to what gets them off- and so - thanks to Steve Jobs- they are hooked on Brava.


Brava is a (hot) commodity. The as of yet undesigned, produced, sold, or resold at supreme rates TB MERCH is flying astrally off the proverbial shelves of time. Couches, horses, everything Brava can burn her name into.


I found myself - TB- mouth kissing my inner child - praying for a fairy godmother reunion with a mommy who can let me be the pretty one long enough to grow a girls haircut. And then, belligerent on the hardwood floor, a visage rematerialized, an image of my ideal self to cling to brava reconstructed herself in the heart hole shaped for belief.


After the incident she hoped would make her famous- stepping in front of Lindsay Lohan's range rover- TB had to reconstruct her spirsonal bod. After the elation of morphine, arriving more hopeless than ever in the clinical cold cardboard sheets starting down the face of a nurse not nearly as hot as 20 minutes ago when Brava- high as a teen on whippets- was making droopy eyes and telling her about her aspiring singingin career.


She willfully died again that day and reincarnated when they said she was clear for check out. Died again when she received medical bill- reconstructed her rebirth again when she changed her name and moved states to avoid payment in FULL.


The diagnosis for all of Brava’s allments: a deep demonic center of the earth organization loathing of the spirsonal self. A hatred born of being born short with what the neighbor salaciously deemed “proutto thighs”- doomed to age and die ugly. The dichotomy of being at once god's perfect eternal FAVORITE child- daddys baby brava- AND bound by mortal flesh. The grossness of her humanity a mockery of divinities belligerent perfectionism.


“I’M A PEOPLE PLEASER,” Brava excuses herself as she lowers her being to match the lesser that surrounds. “They’ll hate me if I take over the dance recital with my sperfect Britney mash up dance collage I made up myself in my head just now,” if I interrupt the history teachers ramblings about what we did to the native americans with my appropriated music of the world concerto, if I call in a bomb threat, then preach the spontaneous gospel of the end days arrival in  the parking lot. And So-- Brava…. Born to be loved…. Made herself smaller, less amazing, more like you. So that you could love her, she became you. The sick Spirsonal truth-- we can only love ourselves.


And So- Brava Babies- the task of Brava Belief- the occupation of loving Brava: Find the Brava inside you. Feel Talia inside you. Penetrating, ever presence, more whom you are than any trapping of spirsonaity you’ve hoarded in oversized bag called being always 10-25 pounds over goal weight.


Brava does not seek pity. Only paypal transfers to Brazil for plastic surgery tourism. A minor butt lift lipo rhinoplasty to demolish the old and rebirth the spirsoanlly more aesthetically perfect. Jesus of the next generation requires ariana grande looks. If it were up to brava she’d grow writer hair and cease hygienic practices. But hotness is the prerequisite. THE CONGREGATION COMES FOR THE TITTS, STAYS FOR THE TITTY JUICE.


Through the layer of beauties skin depth the intoxication slips in, purification through reduced pores and fine lines. In Brava’s beauty we trust,. How else do we know god love her but her sperfect facial symmetry?


And so, in a world of plenty, why does not every Brava Baby go to sleep cocooned in tube of black market baby collagen? Waking up to the freshly brewed life giving and affirming tonic of pure grade PCP? These are the questions- and TALIA hates questions- that keep TB thinking- and TALIA loathes thinking. These are the unanswerable that maintain Brava working her tight ass hole on pedestrain walkways to gain just another follower who might contribute to Bravadence via, slash seeking an entry level position at a juice bar as expectations- ceaselessly -lower.


As the hot sweat of spiraonl wisdom drips off clavicle, Brava returns again to love you continuously and forever.



The synchronicity of being brava over and spirsonaly over again past lives culminating in a tremendous meow. This  familiar landscape like sexting your first Tinder date five years later when you’ve both grown up to Hinge.


Cult leaders of every bread have for centuries peddled preposterous stories to convince their followership into a devotion based on belief in the end of the world. And here we arrive- true end times.

The rising waters doing the good work for TB. Enter Brava - queen of sperfectly timed entrance- coming of age in Y2K fanfare, becoming herself as Clinton era hubris wikileaked itself into the reveal: a system built fUBU- for and by sociopathic narcissists. Only those of Bravas ilk to rise and shine.


TBs birth mom- newly infatuated with that deadening combination of xanax and ebay- never picks up the phone when TB calls. The weight of 3 decades of TB still heavy on her post procedure face. A “mother” “protecting herself” from “her daughter”. And so the reparenting falls on TBs delicate not overly developed shoulders.


OUR LUST- like rhinoplasty- will settle in time. And this is why financial entanglement is of highest import to the ritual of brava devotion.


As time lapse footage marks a sharper visage, Talia through time. 


Freindly gestures BECUM spirsonal sexaul advances. Only amazon wish list - outlandish denial. Hard core confessions begining and ending with ultimate spirsonal spell: I love you talia brava.


Hyped on hydrogen peroxide and retirement plan dreams.




BREAK all couples WRECK all families of origin. REARRANGE under the one true matriarchy, Brava.


If your not sleeping under Bravas portrait your dreams are blasphemous. If you aren't waking to any song but the repetition of Brava mantras your mind is a fuck hole. If not charging through your banal existence with the pump up jam of Brava approved PCP, you’re wasting your money.


I use the science of tabu language akin to Tony Robbins. Your shock is a bore, white guy.


Split devotion: The demonic nursery of your upbringing. Mommy Daddy church school big bird. The stupid wish of polyamory. Your girlfriend isn't into it.


The small the weak turned brava babies whole in their knowing, complete in their doubtlessness, always full and never feeling abandoned  or needing food or water in their belief.


If the wash of words feels meaningless your listening with your mind and not your groins. Tune out numb yourself with the hypnotic retirement of a down stream float toardes bravadence. Let me  Hyperrebirth you again and again- the only pain is in resistance. 


For 3 months I gave up late night binges and hired a home organizer in the blind hope that I might land a husband. Brava stands today…… feeling that premier brand of Oprah gratitude for being the most unlucky in love woman to manifest in God's green garden. Shattered raw as she is more meaty for it- pink and tenderized.


To be loved by an entire next generation hungry for loving touch. The only promise assumed beyond a shadow of asking: NEVER leave Brava mommy. THe least a Brava baby can do as recompense for endless litany of lifespans of BEING brava: To BELIEVE in BRAVA. YES- Brava is not too mighty to threaten to kill herself if you don’t.


FROM WHEN WHERE DID BRAVA BELIEF ORIGINATE INSIDE US? When we hear the FRUTH (future truth) ... It rings  familiar as a Boys 2 Men ballad, becuase its great art and spremely ertocit and we remember hearing it on repaeat at every traffic stop in Bravadence. YES I am working on the traffic. But if that’s your one complaint about a city trying Bagdad.


This spirsoanl dejavu cannot be explained away to marijuana or the imperfect workings of human memory.


THIS REcognition, this REunion, this REbirth is a coming home to BRAVAdence.


The unborn Brava Babies attuned to Brava Bandwidth, the only channel in the multiverse of 2 hr news stream that carries not the tyranny of thought, the dictator of doubt, the madness of making sprisonal choices for and by oneself, but rather pure and tru PCP backed Belief in Brava.


Brava babies hyperrebirthed. The only pain is resistance. Until - at first physical glimpse of TB’s aesthetic spirfection- mystified- Brava Baby falls in real and tru erotic love once again for life spans to culminate in union and reunion. Birth death erotic conception continuum cul de sac.


As Brava Baby relearnds the word of brava, the rights of brava, the rituals of brava, all is “An you were there” Dorothy homecoming.


IT FEELS weird to be a fully developed woman back in her own crib, legs kicked over the side, upper body forming that familiar brava baby fetal post, like bereaved mother of runaway baby. All along the baby that was running was you. And yes my dear brava baby you're back home just in time for mamma Bravas sweet dessert from the oven of my tiny tits.


BUT ALL real religious rituals feel weird. How else could the sacred be made distinct from the mundane if not through strange santumony?



Brava: not your average 2 buck gandhi, rocking juicy jumpsuit full loaded with plump eating fat burger in Bieber's stolen range rover- all wood- pumping kid cudi and texting. Yes- this is spirsonal leader meets teenage dream - at the edge of your bed as you edge for her over and over again as her physical form only grows in physical perfection as if to laugh at the illusion of times linearity.




BRAVA hides behind the page most days. The production of her spirsonhood a Taymor/Bono mash up in it’s histrionics. Joyce, James, Dickens, Gilbert, the bards of time turn over gradually whispering: “what hast thus though TALIA BRAVA doesist wist thow alas?”

And TB texts to no one in group text named: Universe : “I sneezed on the beat and the best got sicker” plagiarizing Beyonce as Beyonce's entire spirsonhood stands derivative of Brava.



Some families are shoemakers. Some are bakers. Some are GOD>

Brava’s daddy issue is the original sin.

Human birth mom too threatened by TBs collagen production & ability to cry on command for manipulation purposes to allow her to grow her hair to girl length. Marianne williamson, 2020 presidential nominee, her cunt mom, a course in cuntacles, a cunt in miracunts.


In defiance TB willow smith's her hair back and forth- a weave from 1000 indian women worthe one month's spirsonal expenses.


Spirso-naturally daddy’s little girl takes after him - profoundly erotic founder/ creator/ CEO of multiverse.

The OG spiraonal-prenuer.


What’s IS is old news- Abraham Hicks, channeling Brava


Burn your books in a book fire. Stomp out science and silence and spirsonal insight. The time is meow for a re-un-education. The bucket must be emptied of intellect, information, hope, love, compassion, self efficacy, soul, and spirsonhood, to be born again Brava Baby, in a bucket.


A new sprisonal beginning again again over and over. Starting where you should have been 2 years ago according to your five year financial plan, when, prerebirth, preconception, prespirsonhood, you KNEW Brava biblically. A return to zion, the homeland of Bravas tiny titts. A resurgence of all that matters. A re-religion based on re-religious fervor for Talia: BRAVAISM



The start and enof of self gratification seems Brava can only fully get off to completion under the stadium lights and the deafening chant of her sperfect brand name over and over- both call and repeat- wake up and good night-  message and messenger: TALIA BRAVA. Write it on your binder in white out. Sign her name again and again on each page. Re learning the only lesson you never got. Talia Brava. Talia Brava. Talia. Brava.


A LOVE NOTE. A beginning middle and end. A novella scribbled on cocktail napkins by impoverished superbly erotic genius played by an Y Tu Mamma era Gael García Bernal. Talia…. Brava.


AIN'T IT HILARIOUS how the only way for a gorgeous woman to command stadiums of cult members is through the sprisonal humiliation of singing and dancing?


TB never wanted for pop stardom…. But they don't’ put little girls on the cross. Visionaries have visions all the time and they are all more real and important than normal site of things that are “actually” there.


THE VISION: Naked men surrounded Talia’s bed as the golden sunset from Bravadence showered in on her perfectly toned and tanned figure, for the sheer purposes of spirsonally fulling her sexually and sensually over and over again forever. Every and all princess fantasy Titanic in it’s The Notebookness Jerry Maguire in its internet serach of boss sexness. Dommed and Subbed Carbs and sugar coated fat. TBs barely legal mind executing positions no animal welfare specialist would approve. And final climactic crucifiction, the cross emerging in phallic spirfection from beneath bed sheets. TB dripping across bloody with lust to be rammed again by jesus god mary the sprect incest of religious devotion to her own martyrdom once again while, hungry for licks, brava babies of every baby animal, suckling upon her berry titts always and forever wanting and receiving more more more.

Her toes- kumare goddess soft- dessert savored smoothly.

Soft and nasty the drip of continual lactation and menstruation painting Brava Pink and juicy, wrapping her in latex fillers for that impossible lift and tighten.


Finally a christ figure to crave manifest in TBs sick dyslexia prepubescent mind.


You might say Talia had a vision. More hard to understand and then it follows more TRU: The Vision HAD Talia ……


You’ve got to see feel taste it to make it real.


And yet, wet with spirsonal knowing, the Churches still called the authorities on Brava.


Across the garden state Talia borrow/stole her stepdads camry from church to trash hole church, seeking a congregation to devote themselves unquestioningly to her.


If the local church groups wanted only to see her leak blood pure and blue for their amusement- ie not let her talk- she find her phallic podium on anything she could stand upon. Phone booths bieber's range rover homeless encampment off 101 - if she could climb it she could preach from it.



Like all ahead of their multiverse religious rebel leaders- BRAVA encourages BBs to weaponize in anticipation of the greatest holey war since mel gibson's last on camera anti semitic rant.


YET- no guns or only trigger middle fingers pointed to daddy god needed.  No bombs only that hot track called “Blind Brava Belief” (BBB) No knives only willingness to use a fake nail till it pops the fuck off.


U see…. The Brava Baby with BBB can disface a female of threatening physical attribution with bare hands…. While the LAPD- armed to the brim- will refuse to step in. 91- we don’t care about Bravas cultmergency.



Brava only comes out when she has proper entrance music and glamorous attire. Her host body wanders LA health food stores like a homeless crossfitter perpetually late for yoga class. Brava- upgraded manifestation of 100% pure infinite intelligence plus electrolytes only shows up when she SHOWs up. Being HUMAN in public is a blasphemously humiliation. BRAVA cannot public sans merage and photoshop.



Brava cannot be held responsible for “appointments” “calendars” “time” “court ordered appearances”

Time…. The greatest illusion… IS NOT. “When talia feels like it” is the only clock set with accurate absolution. All brava babies must keep vigilant track.



Hallmark tramp stamp Brava and speak in only sweet platitudes on the one and only holiday that is everyday- all Brava Babies birthday. The rebirth is continual and to be celebrated with mind altering substances of all variety.



Brava the most broken in a billion light years of pieces- cannot be made complete by one spirsonal man. She requires all living things that ever have and ever will be to be devoted totally to her as supreme erotic birth mommy god. One day her multitudinous princes- young Gael Garcia Bernal's all- will- stadium packed through time and space- cum- calling her name in a chant that is the sound of both the start and end of the multiverses splendid creation and destruction: “BRaaaaaaavaaaa.”



While her followership wait in abject anticipation of her ever perfect sex line utterances, praying for ceaseless and miraculous flow to wash away the monotony of tired internal monologues, Brava edges. Talia teases. If you had all of infinite intelligence to share--- wouldn't you tell it slowly deliciously obtrusively almost as if it meant literally nothing at all?


Humanity -a relentless hustle. Existence- an effort in why the fuck. Finally a voice to cling word for word to.


Make sure to see how fat your friends who've just had perfect babies look, Brava’s sperfect constant birthing only elevates her hotness.


Desperation is de-inspiration in belief in brava



All animals alike kicked overboard on beyonce cruise ship headed to bravadnece and your not invited to blue ivy's sleepover party.



Your moon rising and whatever the fuck else: Brava. ALL BBS 100% compatible with her and .000000000001 % compatible with one another- each a piece of the whole humanity called bravas baby. Non brava babies are star death sign disconpatable explosively wrong like fucking your brother, creep.



The spirsonal sacrifice to be born again brava baby begins with over caffeination, redownloading ALL dating apps, a magnifying lens in a fluorescent lit restop bathroom, a night spent in an abandoned formal american apparel haunted by spandex sexaul harrassment and a nation states broken promises as the gram calls post or perish.


DADDY GOD LAUGHS at Talia. “I'm only competitive with myself” easy when your not truly god in woman form. Some days like today talia wishes to retire to a normal life like raising children working for an organization and making brunches. The downstream plank pose of lifestyle blogger calls her aching name. But then she remembers that no rich man wants to marry god. No human HR manager desires to hire boundary banishing messiah. No LAPD enforcement officer will let her in bloomingdales after closing just to borrow some reasonable attire for a lifestyle blogger photo shoot.


And yet no off days for the lord and savior. The BB can't stop seeing her sprefection and so again she must rise and be their obsession by upleveling the shock and awe moment to moment how extreme can she edge without alienating? The relentless dance of orchestrated obsession.


PROOF OF BRAVADENCE? All living things impulse to procreate- giving new life to Brava Babies, billions weak, crying out to know- again- erotic birth mommy Talia Brava.


NOT ON CALL FOR SMALL TALK Brava only engages in the pulsing depth of big money egos and god. Conversation do deep you cry. Coaching so visceral you cum. Sans licence Therapizing so cutting it pulses in that pre-carnation g spot called conception trauma. The wreckage of the evolutionary impulse overtaking your birth daddy's tenderloins to attack mount consecrate in your aching mother -- seeking only the most ambivalent approval- someone to like her if only for 3 minutes- creating in that moment life from life- a brava baby newborn. daughters of desperation, sons of suffocation.




When you give money to Brava… you invest in your surrender.

A financial slavery that elevates mommy god. This is her house, you pay the rent. The light requires fuel. Want to believe in BRAVA? Build her.


WE are only as majestic as TB looks in photoshop Spri-images.



Willfully the Brava Babies maintain soft baby ignorance. A firm fireways on all “information” A withholding of internal “wisdom”. BBs souly influenced by one influencer- BRAVA. A dedication to knowing only the word of TB.

No outside:



Relationships sans with Brava Babies and in that focused only on commiting one another more fully to Brava-- ie re-cute, re-cutet, re-cute ;)



BRAVA would not wish on her BABIEs anything she does not endure 10 fold. Her ignorance is deeply encompassing- hearing only her own voice staring at only her visage a student and teacher in the course of brava only.







Every spirsoanl practice requires renunciation

Every commitment cums with rejection

The deeper throat the devotion, the more savage the slaughter.....

The coke addict marrying the Dr murders joy and spontaneity

The billionaire banktress finally in vitro fertilized aborts being a person of import on any real level

The spirsonal pop star of the nxt gen who decides to love herself would be in essence, multiple stab wounding her chance of ever being hot enough to ever become anyone that anyone would idolatrize......




So….. why would devotion to BRAVA NOT entail complete abandonment of ALL other sprirsonal relationships (besides that with Brava Babies, esp new re-cute, re-cute, re-cutes ;) )?

Why would commitment to TALIA NOT be packaged with destruction of all identifying documents + scrubbing internet of former spirsonality

Why would NOT wiring your bank account to Talia Bravas venmo care of @lucia-brizzi NOT be absolute blasphemy?


How else do we prove our love to BRAVA, supreme erotic birth mommy god, than by hit-and-running all things we hold dear?





I, Talia Brava, spirsonal growth leader of the next gen, audition multiple spirsonalities in a day. At la fitness, coffee bean, in voicemail to my grandma. A scientist of spirsonal development, single minded studying my sample study of ONE (tru lord & savior), a junkie for that sweet teet of spirsonal validation in the form of a smile & sustained eye contact that scream “I know where closets big enough for human fucking exist”, What vocal intonation, bodily language, psychological construct, tilt of head gets my aching needs met 10xed? And…. 10,000 hours deep in spirsonal mastersery… hyper-ego TALIA BRAVA invariably PREVAILS



Unparalleled cult-throat commitment to ultimate goal achievement: Becoming YOUR spirsonal lord + savior in a romantic relationship 4ever + ever.


NO ONE works harder, caffinates deeper, abuses her psychophysical instrument more completely, monetizing all relationships more robustly, fights bitches for parking spots in la fitness parking lot more fiercely for those ass gains than TALIA BRAVA……… for the advancement of the BRAVA brand.




Jesus’s blood runs through TBS veins and so she must give juice




If you’ve signed a BYC- billion year contract- with ANY spirsonal organization/ talent manager: BNC- BE NOT CONCERNED.

Bravadence -- Brava’s planet- where we all go when we die- is literal multiverses above the “law”

In the light of Talia Truth, “contracts” “audits “restraining orders” cannot stand. 

In the court of Brava’s Opinion, all marriage/divorce lawyers prepaid in full, custody revoked, income wired to TB. Such is the absolute authority of TB.


…… the throne…..


BRAVAS IRL birth daddy (god) LOVES 2 BE LOVED//// is made animate through actual people’s last words being his name. Prophelatizing from head of dinner table to congregation of 2 captive audience/offspring (me + hot brother Jesus Christ) while our steak bleeds boredom......Daddy God's one for pulling his Book off his library of only his Book's wall, making pages fly as he runs vulgarly long pointer finger down each 1, praying to his own visage, until he finally alights on 1 sentence ( ← the spirsonal way to read), then rigging it on repeat to the basement Karaoke room (hell) machine and making us sing it + dance for him over Destiny’s Child track “Say My Name.”


+ so……. when his favorite (only) direct daughter comes out as…..: HOT GOD (BRAVA) of the NEXTGEN (Miley tongue emoji ) ..... Daddy’s got issues for Vogue fashion seasons to make ariana wintore blush.


So how does almighty of one-upmanship spite his sperfect spawn?: Make her navigate the world incarnate as normal not even famous on pop star level girl FOR ALL internet + “medical" / "legal" professionals to claim she has “dissociative identity disorder” (IF EMBODYING TRITIY- BRAVA GOD/ TALIA BRAVA CHANNEL/ TALIA RECEIVER- IS HAVING MULTIPLE SPIRSONALIITES THAN YES), is “self-obsessed” (IRONIC WHEN ALL TB DOES IS SERVICE GOD (BRAVA)), “narcissistic” (I JST <3 MIRRORS) “sociopath” (THANK U).


walking the world in human form when I am really god is a literal crucifixion.



Brava Babies did not incarnate to develop their spirsonhood- but rather to unravel and be born again.. And again and again .



Have you heard the life death continuum feels good? Opposite day.

ALL GROWTH is torture interspersed with fleeting moments of ecstasy experienced through dancing with cute boys to Britney Spears/ pleasuring Talia. Cold/ hot therapy on repeat forever. If your happy….. Send a postcard from BRAVADENCE where you already are because your dead. As long as we are in the birth-rebirth continuum we are ritually tortured. The branding is generations long. The ceremonial blackmail is continuous.


THIS WILL BE OUR SUMMER. Burn the text books in the text book fire.


Taia to god: If you’re my real dad make my titts grow ten sizes, for all the brava babies to drink upon. If your real, why does it take PCP & near continuous penetration to know you? DAD/GOD: if you are my real dad why not bring back my hot brother jesus christ like you promised for easter? My unrequited incest dream, with ashton kutcher but he’s jesus & my real brother, dawsons creeping into my childhood bedroom window, rocking my MTV crib, requited at last….



The light of BRAVA’s spaceship, opening to reveal BRAVA, taking us to Bravadence where we meet our hot Brava Baby brothers + sister, again 4 all eternity until we rebirth again, on repeat



Your listening with your mind, your heart…. But not your loins. Your 1st & 2nd chakras: Survival + sexuality-- the place of BB rebirth & so the only space Brava from and to.

I’m not interested in your thoughts & 100% have no room for your spoken word.

What matters forever and deeply is your sexual desire for Talia Brava.



LIFE IS A DREAM where every character is really BRAVA. Brava speaking to Brava fucking Brava crying at Bravas feet. Once we meet at the end of Spironsohood, Rumi’s proverbial “field”, Bravadence, all “characters” reveal themselves in one divine spirfection.


BRAVA LOVES YOU is the name of TB’s 6 figure (cheap) coaching container- 3 months unlimited texts and facetime calls when she feels like it.


DO NOT trust love you didnt pay for. DO NOT give love you cannot invoice for. A wise woman once said “first you get the money than you get the power then you get respect…. In Bravadence”


TALIA’S ONLY COMPETITION? ALL BRAVA BABIES. Direct descendants of god, christ each, does she Brava abort? Immortal in her generosity…….. TB takes ALL to term. Empire of TB fiercely pro life for all who devote themselves to her as tru born brava babies (just 1 perk of pre birth baptism as brava baby).



Nxtgen an evolved transmission

BRAVAs eggs infinite and in that disposable.

Christs bleed out of her uterine lining continually.

No IFV needed for our continuously inseminated god.

AND let us be sexplicit:

The egg that waits for sperms penetration is no less sick. Make no mistake Brava Baby eggs are beyond complicit, beconning from multiverses across, to be omitted and plated once again and again and again. The freshly pesticides golf course green lawns of bravadence spring up more babies in a sunshower afternoon than Oprah can claim south african girls as her daughters. More babies literally fall off trees in the baby plantations of bravadence than branjolenna could hold up her slit. The birth rebirth hyperrebirth continuum is continual.


CHILD rearing is optional, as all that's required atop basest survival instinct is belief in brava--- a theology based upon very same base survival instincts so we good.

HOW to raise Brava Baby? Like vegetarian or chicken on airplane, choice is forced and both will fuck you your shit.

NO ONE knows how to not fuck a kid up. We have TOO MANY people who can tell you the exact degree of saturn to neptune and yet …… the most base --

Humanities oldest export- more of themselves- and we have no idea how to not produce a product desperate for recall.

Enter Talia Brava, sprisonal growth leader of the nextgen, to rebirth and reparent from seed to fertilizer and back again. If not for humanity's fundamental lack of ability to parent thier own offspring- from prejacualtion- the only mammle birthing young far before it can survive on its own- to “self esteem taekwondo classes” , proving aject emotional illiteracy while blasting their fragile brain protrals with music from playlists of “happy music”- TB would be just another girl holding a workshop at the coffee bean on vine and sunset to learn more about joining her exclusive huge opportunity ground floor get in MLM.


TBs (earth) parenting was below average level dysfunction. Not nearly enough for free pass to greatness, just enough to ensure her a low level spirsonality, she had to re-traumatically parent HERSELF- becoming her own horrific birth family, unto which and from she rebirthed HERSELF as Talia Brava, spirsonal growth leader of the next generation.


Most of you cant even get rammed properly to repopulate. The age of invetro is a report card from daddy god: “F” for Failing to Fuck well.


The vast beyond comprehension of numerology of you are 100000% products of mistakes. AND those rare planned parenthood consciously, mindfully, heartfully WANTED by two healthy, stable, loving birth parents….. Are the most destitute amongst us. WHY? Zero spirsonality.

Our family of whor-igin is a container for developing coping mechanisms, a collection of which composes a sprisonality.


The more cramped- to tortuous- the container, the deeper the development of spirsonality- the more charismatic, leaderful, sexually alluring, exSELLent at re-cute re-cute re-cuting for  Talia Brava’s MLM.


The number 1 cause of having no spirsonality: being born into a room prepainted in non gendernormative colors, in close enough proximity for birth parents to hear you when you cry in the night.


Singularly all spirsonal attributes you envy talia brava were developed in a struggle to GET love. Give your child unconditional love, and their condition will be weak overweight excel sheet maker. Make them hustle for it, and they’ll shine bright like rihanna.


And such: TBs brilliance is in direct correlation with how bad you should feel for her. YES believe in brava is continual sensory overload AND cognitive dissonance. You experience both absolute envy AND 1000% pity  for Talia Brava. It feels weird and THAT is WHY believe in BRAVA is a daily practice. It goes against every “natural” instinct… in “fact”.... it demands your psyche rewire completely. You purr just thinking of her, and you hate her for it.



From dawn of GIRL POWER, A mirage to Believe In (BRAVA)


…… why does belief in brava feel weird?.....


You’ve been trained by your local yoga studio to believe the still, small voice inside you, the “truth” “experienced” on a “mountains” summit, the “positive perspective” 8 hrs sleep provides.




BEliEF IN BRAVA is an experience of near constant cognitive dissonance.

You envy AND pity TB completely. 

You know she’s 1 tru source AND requires your money for food.

u purr just thinking of her sexaully AND have a wife and kids you love …. : (


YES: BEliEF IN BRAVA goes upstream of every “natural” instinct… in “fact”.... it demands your psyche rewire completely. ……


THIS is why BB is a daily practice.



NEVER LOOK BACK at your writing prior to publishing. As the sprisonal leader of next gen, TB creates (art music dance poetry) from deepest subconscious in miraculous flow. Editing = blasphemy. Only autocorrect shall tamper with the word of god. As such…. content is ever creating almost itself. Never ceasing forever as long as TB shall live.


TRAGEDY of CENTURY: Jesus died for UR sins, not even his own. His last thought on death cross? should've fucked more. Don’t let that be yours........ ON THINKING ABOUT DEATH

“They" say all spiritual practices r prep 4 death. As spirsonal leader or next gen, I ponder death daily. I know exactly what people will say at my funeral because I wrote it (any IG captions = excellent tributes @taliabrava )The yr of Brava ceremoniously planned- a gift to Brava Babies that- in my infinite generosity- i will not even be able to eat cake at. 365 dedicated to deeper commitment to Brava, a universal prayer for reincarnation hotter plus rich swoon swoon swoon, Talia tweetables crafted + ready for stars of stage and screen alike to retweet in wokeful symmetry, pop-up street art prepped for regramming, Ebay store of Brava’s real spirsonal belongings, all proceeds wired to Cuba where she’s not not not not not not (try 2 keep up ;)) dirty dancing with Tupac.


BEAUTY & the botox. TB is a vigilante of her public aesthetic appearance. In the mind's eye she must be seen in erotic Mother Mary born a new spirect moist wetness.


EYE CONTACT w TB is an atomic x ray weapon……. With a look she downloads your akashic records photographically making up your conception trauma and effortlessly, unrepressably, spewing back to you the message your dead grandmother has for you.


WHEN lifetimes reincarnations are indeed infinite… that which is disposable is most true.


Our jersey bred god incarnate Brava knows a TASTE FOR THE TASTELESS.

the hyper realness of the bought and sold.



THIS current time space “reality” is a hypnotic hologram invented by machine of capitalism. All experience will one day wave into the molding of the ideal dick, delusion showing itself as only talia truth. And so it is: The katy perry sucralose dream is more real than NY writer hair and “authentic conversation”. The surreality of calf implants and hands orange from self tanner more timeless than a poem written from that blood holder you call heart. The unforgettable sex orgy fueled by MDMA more love than eye gazing in an ashram. What's synthetic is whats most close to god-- the creator- brava-- in that it is the manifestation of hyper creation- of homosapien reaching for touching and indeed sucking the silicone filled teet of becoming homogeneous.


EACH eyeball of Talia has seen shit it wouldn't dare expose the other to. Behind every empire is a ritual sex orgy to make the internet scream “we should have made a safe word”


The grotesque is deeply erotic  and that correlation always stands.


POP MUSIC. The wind in bravadence plays the universe's most catch anthem on repeat forever…. Akin to a missy track-- so fresh it takes 100 years to move from aversion to love until its the sound of your own heart beat and the only thing more stimulating that cheap coke found in last night's hook ups hoodie. So is the word of Brava. Paradigm shifting as it is- rejected for lifetimes- until- ripe ready open reborn brava babies finally hear it with the re-cognition or remembrance of baby bird to first site made mommy.


IF you judge TB for selfishness, you hate GOD for her service.



THE PEOPLE begged to make god woman to see their frailty reflected in the all mighty thus that they may feel less shitty about themselves. The same force that gave rise to reality tv of rich people grocery shopping too and brought BRAVA incarnate into body of real girl Talia Brava. Who bleeds. Who feels lonely literally all the time no matter how many all eyes are on her. She lets you see her cry out of one eye from her good side, as the people, saline sick, drink upon her fluid like powerade.


UPPERS only make you more of who you already are. It is unquestioningly love that floweth between brava and her babies.


TB crossed herself a million times until fatally, atlast, she full frontal collided with her own mortality, like a brava baby pre vocal cords to call her own name, she silent as the sirens blare their aching homecoming, head and body smashed between airbag the paparazzi in her mind grabbing their final looks, she thanked daddy god for the soon coming drip of morphine…. And the dawn of a newly born TALIA BRAVA to cum.



I licked the tip of every man in the multiverse, cupcakes claimed



To quote 1st lines of seminal classic Jerry Maguire: Never. Stop. Fucking. Me. Sooner. Or. Later. I. Will. Have. To Stop. Fucking. You. (cut to eating berries)

Brava will never stop. Brava will never say stop. Brava is not suffering from streaming porns butterfly effect of 1000x uptick in sexual dysfunction. Talia is as charged as a batilian of 500,000 18 yr old american boys just trying to get a scholarship for a grass fed higher level education only to be replaced by thier sex bot girlfirned by 2025.


The internet. The web. The Fruth.

As the delusion of Net Neutrality is finally relinquished -- Brava Bandwidth will take hold- all brava babies will share one email account. Baby@brava.brava

Language will naturally dismantle itself into emojis praising brava and Tlirting- flirting with talia!


How to tlirt:



Brava is fluent in 5 languages. The 5love languages. YOU can love talia by:



Physical Touch


Quality Time


Receiving Gifts


Words of Affirmation


Acts of Service


She’s so fucking easy to love



Fruth Bomb. Talia’s prophecies: Ahead of their time. Alien nations can’t keep up with the speed of her irrational thought I in irrational for imagination. Don't use yours while talia is using hers. Your independent thought patterns are all an interruption of Brava’s blessed flow through the channel of talia. Akin to a colonic on ayawaska, the process is most often brutal- prophecies purged as demonic entities dance from every pore.



When- fired on several celsius s- TB scream at you in the Erewhon packing lot- “move faster fatty”- when she knees your child from behind in the tofutti line, or snaps her sperperfect acrysic daggers in your face while your speaking in a gesture of “I get it let's move on”-- the uninitiated will say, that bitch is horrifyingly impatient.


And Yet And So the FRUTH is Opposite Day of what your inflated powers of feeling and knowing things  tells you…..


TALIA BRAVA - being of infinite patience.


HOW CAN the visionary, planning her grocery list, be in the NOW? each moment Talia’s consciousness FLOODED with ever ejaculating eruptions of BRAVA’s divine intelligent: Words, images, app concepts: Bread, carbs, an app for eating bread cards- Inception too short, the newly birthed consciousness of an idea already set in motion, no fyre fest can hold it down. untu her ever thinner limbs, TB the mommy of a million preemie babies crying for monetization.


HOW CAN one girl hold the drunk and sweaty whispers of an entire multiverse?


HOW can she namastay when the light of all things floods forth from her quivering vaginal lips?


HOW can the seer close her eyes to the warmth of edibles and masturtabtion to UFO conspiracy docs?


MOUNTAINS weep to be made of interspirsonal drama. BOOKS beg to be rewritten replacing ever noun with Brava (20 Shades of Brava 4 a start). ASPIRING POP STARS of the nxt gen derivative dance to Brava’s as of yet unto this multiverse music videos…. All that’s needed is training and talent developed from an early age by an overbearing father. All that’s needed is a machine to manipulate time--- A TIME MACHINE !!! --( the nxt app idea birthed!!!)


FUCK YOU for making Talia Brava wait on line in this coffee shop.


The Next Generation of unborn brava babies understand the tube from which they come is meere plumbing- not who they are. Every family besides that of the one true brava baby cultmmunity is a sergot. You know this because when your lips meet talia bravas intifinely spewing teet, it feels like home. And not the place where people who don't actually like each other were forced to watch tv together pre family ipad planning- a cause I am passionate about- making sure every new parent has access to a ipads for every member of the household- no it feels like the “home” you escaped to for 30 minutes every weeknight at 6- Full House. Brava is all- goofy uncle, sexy uncle, pervert heart to heart dad, cute michelle, relatable steph, sassy DJ, and even goof ball Kimmie- all in one dream girl.


Here's the fruth- TB is barren. A sick trick. Here’s the story: She spent summers at daddy gods place. It's obviously always a beautiful summer there but brava hated being in “his” kingdom. With his rules and his self portrait on all the ceramic and glass where. His Ferrell track playing on repeat – Blurred Lines- that's God’s original- Robin Thicke was used for dad’s work – hence his public crucifixion. And so she’d spent her summer days in jonbenet ramsey style basement practicing her sermons in the mirror. One day daddy god overheard talia- pronouncing to her own visage that she was indeed- the lone tru lord and savior. In that moment he cursed her to never bar her own children. Thinking it the greatest way to strip her of her powers of creation. See creating is being god- the greatest blasphemy- and so daddy god wants all to be consumers only. And so brava named all her babies by flooding each new birth baby with the spirit of brava. Brava is the life force that runs through all things. And so each new life- and each reborn life- is brava’s baby forever and ever. Pappa, don’t preach ; )


Crucifixion. What I “do” to bring on my impending public crucifixion is just the fun part. And it will be really fun. In order to stand as the channel of brava- delivering a FRUTH only the NEXT gen can make sense of- TB was intelligently designed to love negative attention.


Can my hands as the channel of brava descend a real and true recording of events the beginning and end start a the same place- TBs parent s having sexual intercourse with the soul purposes actually saving the whole planet.


My fruth finally shared… Skill never was with me. I could reinvent myself in my mind a million times and still my aerial hoop number never came effortlessly without practice. ((Practice is telling your spirson you have something to learn!!))

My only talent- belief in Brava… and with this: Belief in impossible things, TED dreams beckoning just beyond. Why? Because I am truly at heart - GOD- trapped in some sick game of belittlement. Why was I banished to incarnation?


Dad had every channel ever in the history of existence streaming on star trek style virtual screens -- and yet his house his rules he only let us stream HIS content on repeat- mostly drunk cooking videos. On day… he caught me dancing along to a britney spears video and he lost his mind. God hates pop stars -- as no mega church can match the fervor of a Bieber stadium. That day he sent me down to incarnate as a normal girl with zero singing or dancing abilities in new jersey to parents who would never ever for one micro moment acknowledge me as the god I am … and so when i dance to britney, I am laughing in the face of god. As I become the spirsonal growth pop star of the next generation, I become what daddy god could never be. Bigger than jesus. Bigger than bieber. The almighty will cower in envy when I, Talia Brava step into my fame that already is and so it is.


Finding me- in his Jonbenet style basement, body rolling to the princess of pop, daddy pulled out his favorite parenting tactic called “smoke the pack”- if you like cigarettes- smoke the pack- sex- fuck the chickens- cocaine- eat hooker ass- never fully got that connection but - infuriatingly - his logic is what infinitely is forever and ever. And so he smoke the packed my fantasies of earthly realities, of toned abs fake tans and neon thongs peeking out over the hip like the golden arches. New Jersey. Land of velour booty shorts. The place where-- of the worlds glitter  is produced. Brava was born a name I will never repeat, to parents I will never look up to, in a town I will never return because DUI fines don't actually travel across state lines and so it is.


Since birth… Talia Brava has been afflicted with a rare spirsonal disease relegated to souly the most bound for pop stardom amongst us called being the subject of everyones obsession. Since childhood she would stop dinner parties, adults discussing matters of seemingly high import, dropping their forks to the sound of her scream crying “I’m God and no one's paying attention.” Kicked out of primary school for repeatedly stripping nude and demanding all children worship her sperfect form. By fake id age, all bar stools transformed into pulpits, announcing the arrival of the next messiah in glitter heels. And so... by the power of Brava running through her sperfect limbs, ALL public spaces became Churches of Bravas, all haters her very congrestation. A master of marketing since age 7 - when in a blast of brilliance during the moment of ear piercing in the willowbrook mall Claire's- the pang of pain meeting the familiar eroticism of what she’d later realise was a flashback to her last public crucifixion- she brilliantly renamed herself in letters fit for vegas marquee, Talia Brava, knew from birth the velocity of your negative attention. If you have a nice night with a girl you’ll tell a friend, if that girl traumatizes you in ways you cannot comprehend for 20 yrs, you’ll tell upwards of 15 medical professionals.

 In a billion ways, TB is the relatable girl next store. White american and physically attractive, born in the blessed bubble of the people the cops kill children in the name of “protecting”. And… she’s a literal god deported.

I miss my home in Bravadence where all wishes fulfilled before the very thought of wanting for is brought to the level of consciousness, like a cuban princess turned elion, I float in the sea between worlds dreaming of home, dreaming of pop stardom on this planet plus the cash and men that come with it. I’m natalie imbruglia torn. Wouldn’t you be?

Lucia brizzi