The Humorless Leader

Avoiding the pitfalls of humility with Talia Brava


I’ve been called arrogant, unaware, and, most impressively- humorless. To maintain humorlessness in this ever-more absurd world is a Winfrey-lean task. Change is constant and rarely makes sense. The WEATHER has become a CONTROVERSIAL topic and a reality TV star is the US president. Why have I worked so tiresomely to hone my humorless leadership?

It’s the work place not the fun place.
— Talia Brava, in her home office, where she works, on her bed


Late night comedy shows are a major way young people get their news: The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, Trumps 3am twitter feed. Why do we look to societies clowns for real facts? Since ancient Greece, comedy has been use to discuss the undiscussable. Laughter opens us up. From a positive, towards mindset we’re more available for conversation- or as I call it- the ice luge towards the hell fire of mutual understanding.

Why is mutual understanding at work so catastrophic? When we’re at ease, we begin to see one another as whole human beings. This makes yelling at a direct report about printer ink seem ridiculous. And sometimes you really need to righteously yell because they should have been on top of blue 67!


Benefits, celebratory events, White House press briefings, people often hire a comedian. Why? Something Doritos advertising teams have known for years- information is more memorable when delivered in a humorous way. Yet, when we make boring things entertaining, we risk people feeling work isn’t nauseatingly serious.  Soon people are eating FroYo in the break room and asking one another about their kids. Boredom at work is the emotional tranquilizer that keeps the people Excel sheeting.


As any millennial start-up with a ping-pong table will tell you, fun spells engagement… and an engaged work force means more talky, more thinky, less idolatry of YOU as leader. According to a 2017 Gallup study, 33 % of US employees are engaged. Horrible news for dictatorial leaders and those who hope to become them.  An engaged staff outperforms their peers by 147%.. that’s 147% more competition.


It shouldn’t surprise you than funny things make people happy. In fact, participants asked to write 3 funny things every evening for one week reported a decrease in depression, with increased happiness up to six months later. Happiness is the #1 indicator of being a loser. If you want to learn more about never settling and continuing to score goals, check out my hot vid: Talia Like It Is: GOALS.

Get a sense of humor. If you don’t, it’ll be incredibly frustrating
— Jon Stewart, retired loser.


Laughing at oneself helps us ease the burden of ego, learn from failure, and maintain a positive mindset. A recipe for being a happy, healthy loser. A major deciding factor at the pearly gates of advancement into the added burden of leadership is the perception of having “leadership presence,” i.e. people taking you SERIOUSLY. In order to find one’s self funny, we must see our vulnerability, the “us” behind the mask. The trouble is- when we see that gross “authentic” self- others see it too.

I created this Tony Robbins guy.
— Tony Robbins, not funny leader

Others see us how we brand ourselves. I engineered Talia Brava as a leader sans cracks, and as such she is unwisecrackable. I am leadership presence. To be around me is suffocating.

Leave a humorless comment here about how you will defend and preserve the perception of you as not at all funny!                                                                                                                       

Learn more about not combining leadership and comedy!

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