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Creative State

Your 1hr midday tune-in. Enter flow, get back to it. Movement, meditation,  & creative coaching. Make your weird & wonderful work. $15/ 5 for $50. Sign me up. 

Creative Alchemy Session

Life's tough. Creativity's alchemy. This workshop offers tools to channel rage/ setbacks/ breakups/ the low level anxiety of being a person with a computer in their pocket/ into creative GOLD.  

Lucia’s work will help you recover what’s most personal and therefore most creative in you.
— Craig Newman, Filmmaker
Her engaging, positive and caring style makes for a wonderful coaching environment. Her ability to guide you through the process while providing perceptive summaries creates meaningful conversations that move you towards your goal. 
— Kristen Childs, Director-Global marketing & Innovation PMO, J&J
Simply the best. Above and beyond my expectations... and then some. A strong coach, listener and “simplifier.”
— Joy-Lee Pasqualoni, North America Consumer Communications Leader, Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. Johnson & Johnson
I am now on a direct path to having my personal and professional dreams come true. I cannot recommend her more highly. I feel so lucky to have found her.
— Briana Pozner, Actress/ Writer