Alter-Ego Yourself Already: Mon. Sept. 23rd 6-9pm

Alter-Ego Yourself Already: Mon. Sept. 23rd 6-9pm

from 15.00

Create your very own alter-ego! Ideal for writers, performers, aspiring 2020 tax evaders, anyone ready to drop the mic of their meticulously crafted persona & live their Sascha Fierce dreams.

What the people are saying:

"Offered rock-solid ways of looking at myself as a means of tapping into the most exciting and unrestrained fountain of creative I have access to: me."

"I explored a part of myself I didn't know was there, I feel like I have been woken up to the different parts of myself and personality."

"Introduced me to a medium of performance I haven't had experience with, and hadn't consider was an option for me."

"Helped me see what I am capable of as a performer and a person."

Hello! I’m Lucia Brizzi, comedian & creative coach, and I have an alter-ego.
Talia Brava wears all the slut slut outfits and says all the c*nty c*nt things the "real" Lucia's just too sweet and woke and honestly likable to ever wear or say.
I'M here to show YOU how YOU can alter-ego TOO!
Reimagine yourself who you most fear becoming!
Then LOVE/HATE THE F OUT OF HER as you live that dream on it’s very own social media platform!
Confuse your yoga teachers! Wow your sexual partners! Alter-Ego Yourself already!

There will be guided meditation, journaling, + communing with newly created personas of your very dreams.

Giff art by Mike Richardson

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